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Benefits of Stone Walls

Stone walls serve an important purpose for your garden but they can also be used as a special feature to your landscape.  There is nothing like using natural stone in your retaining wall to create a look of timeless elegance and strength.  

Stone Walls are Functional

One of the biggest benefits of stone walls is how functional they are. They are perfect for use in both decorative retaining walls and functional retaining walls as they are very durable when built well and can hold back an immense amount of dirt.  When constructed properly, there is close to no risk of the wall collapsing or losing stability over time, no matter what size it is.

You Have a Lot of Choices

Another benefit of stone walls is how much choice that you have.  By this we mean that there are actually a few different types of stone retaining walls.  One is a gabion wall, which is simply a retaining wall made up of mesh that is filled with stones and formed into the desired shape.  Another is a dry stack wall, where the stones are simply stacked on top of each other without any form of mortar of other fixings. The other choice is a mortared stone wall where the stones are mortared together.

Stone Walls Increase Your Home’s Value

Yet another huge benefit of stone walls is the value that they add to your home.  Natural stone walls create an extremely elegant look in your garden and this appeals to potential buyers.  Natural stone also goes with anything so you can re-landscape your garden in the future or a home buyer can without having to rip out and replace the wall with something more suitable.  Of course, stone retaining walls also greatly increase the amount of outdoor area that you have to play with, especially if you have a naturally sloping block.  This is because you can use the retaining walls to create terraced areas which you can then use as you desire.  For example, you could use one terrace for growing fruits and veggies, another as a kid’s play area, and yet another for alfresco dining and entertaining.

Long Lasting and Low Maintenance

The beauty of installing a stone wall is that they are so long lasting and low maintenance.  Once they are built, you pretty much don’t have to think about them again for years. There’s no risk of them rotting, warping or rusting, and they don’t need cleaning, repainting or anything like that.  Stone walls also stand up very well to natural weather conditions.  The natural strength of the wall also means that it’ll last for years and years – decades, in fact!

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